Gridded Canopy

BY Alfred Megally


 Artist Statement:

This is a map of every tree in New York-- over 650,000 of them. Cut away the concrete and this is what's left. More than 20% of the city is covered with trees.

This first step to preserving, enhancing and restoring nature in the longterm is to notice fully and appreciate what's currently around.

Gridded Canopy challenges you to lift your head and bring attention to the canopy level of the city and look at it from the naturalist's lens. Your life is what you pay attention to. You can make out routes through the trees that you might take. You can also see where there is nothing left. Like many other places, at one point the city was a dense green and blue.


Alfred Megally is an itinerant creative working through the mediums of cartography, photography and collage.