Dreams Are Like Water

being ((:)) sound



We think of ourselves as land creatures, yet our roots are in water - in terms of species evolution (the primordial ocean), of individual physiology (the amniotic liquid in the womb), and collective psychology (oceanic feeling). This installation will guide participants into ways of reconnecting with our watery roots through the use of sound. A cymatics centerpiece serves as both the altar of water (as a resonant/connecting environment) and an ever changing symbol of a story played in headphones.

artist bio:

being((:))sound (Joro-Boro and Mary Frisbee) explores the intersection of space, presence, listening, and relating - to oneself, to others, and to one’s environment. being((:))sound creates live bass meditations, installations, and interactive experiences that layer a variety of sound sources (live, recorded, processed through effects, acoustic, electronic, etc.) Psychoacoustic effects and deep listening practices open up the wonders and mysteries hidden in everyday life.