Our Story 


Inspired by the dream of native royal ferns growing through the cracks in concrete sidewalks, OSMUNDA was created by a group of young creatives passionate about the potential of Re-Wilding New York City.

OSMUNDA fosters space for artists to share their work. All exhibits are focused on the relationship between humans and our environment- within this framework, each exhibit has a specific theme.

The second exhibition of Osmunda is opening soon at 332 Canal St- December 13th, 2018 to January 11th, 2019. This show, OSMUNDA:ourWaters, focuses on WATER, how we relate to water in the urban environment and as a connecting fluid for our entire earth. Reflecting on New York City’s once diverse and abundant ecosystem, the exhibit gathers artists and creatives to inspire collaboration and dialogue on our human imprint. The result is an experiential space that weaves art, sound, sculpture, and architecture to reflect the interaction between humans and water.

The first exhibition of Osmunda was at Gallery 151 on 14th st in NYC from April 18th to May 7th, 2018. This exhibition focused on the idea ‘We Are Nature’. Twenty artists came together to create an immersive environment activating all the senses. It was an immersion into bio-mimetic form and grassroots projects regenerating New York City’s ecosystem. Alongside the exhibition, daily programming included workshops, panel discussions, film screenings, and guided sound meditations. The intention for the show was for outsiders to engage with concepts that could help them integrate nature into their lives and our city.  

Osmunda is organized by the non-profit production team Future Clear and the social impact film organization Redefined Films.




We have the intention to re-imagine the ECONOMICS OF ART. Sales of works from the exhibitions will support :

the Artists

the Osmunda platform

Non-profit environmental organizations

For the OSMUNDA:ourWaters exhibtion


will be donated to


The Newtown Creek Alliance is a community-based organization dedicated to protecting the environmental, recreational and commercial integrity of Newtown Creek (located in Brooklyn, NY). The money donated will go towards building more living rafts along the Newtown Creek. The living rafts are a way to bio-remediate the polluted water using native grasses and mussels as a filtration mechanism.

Osmunda aims to mobilize visitors to support these different local impact organizations. NYC Parks Green Thumb , ioby.org, Gowanus Canal Conservancy, Smiling Hogshead Farm  ,  Civil Eats, Rise and Root Farm  , Newtown Creek Alliance  Lonely Whale, and Hellgate Farms.