rcs rain .jpeg

artist statement:

Continuing with the studio's nature inspired designs, the Rain lamp uses water and an intricately designed pump system to create a shimmering, ripple effect. The inherent shape of the globe acts as a magnifying lens that projects onto the surface below. LED technology allows for the mixing of light and water in ways that have never before been possible, in a design that is safe, compact and durable. Estimated to last over 100,000 hours, the LED bulb is both stunningly bright and economically efficient. A hidden pump circulates water from the pool and releases droplets that fall around the bulb. As the droplets fall, the light reflects downwards displaying a mesmerizing, rippling dance.


Richard Clarkson Studio is a Brooklyn based art and design laboratory. They are a small but very capable team with backgrounds in art, design, science, engineering, and business. You can contact them here or for more information about everything Richard Clarkson Studio head over to their explore page. www.rclarkson.com